Min Hye-Yeong


Min Hye-Yeong








Yang Ji Won

'Min Hye-Yeong' is a minor character in the Death Bell first movie.She was portrayed by the Korean actress Yang Ji Won. She placed 1st in the school rank,and was the first victim of the movie.


When the class begins,the teacher Chang-Wook notices that someone is missing.The students tell him that this is Hye-Yeong,the girl that placed 1st in the ranking.Then,the teacher says that she will come.After a while,the teacher Choi So-Yeong appears and tell the students that they're gonna watch an informative program at the TV.After the teacher turn the TV on,the students hear a sound interference,and the TV channel changes.They see at the TV,a partially-dark room,with a glass tank.They notices that there is a girl inside the tank,and that girl is Hye-Yeong.Hye-Yeong start to scream for help.

A voice tells the students that they must solve an equation that is writen in the glass tank,or that girl would die.Then,the tank start to fill with water,what makes everyone scared.I-na goes to the teacher's room and calls Chang-Wook and Mr. Lee (and Hyeon,that was in the teacher's room at the moment).

Mr. Lee accuses Hyeon of doing this,as he is always playing pranks at school.Hyeon says that it wasn't him,but Mr. Lee keep accusing him.They start to fight,while some students and teacher So-Yeong tries to stop them.I-na says that Hyeon would never do something this far.A girl screams,and everyone looks in the direction of the TV.They see that it's too late,as the tank is all filled with water,and that Hye-Yeong is dead.


  • Coincidentally,the name of the actress that play the role of Hye-Yeong is Ji Won,the name of the ghost of the movie.