Hyun-a (also spelled Hyeon-a)








Nam Bo-Ra

'Hyun-a' is a character in Death Bell 2 : Bloody Camp.She was portrayed by the Korean actress Nam Bo-Ra.


It must contain spoilers,so if you haven't watch the movie yet,keep reading for your own risk.

Although Hyun-a looks like a exemplar student during the classes,only few people know that she isn't.She have to take some medicine constantly. At a certain friday night,Hyun-a along with Ji-Yoon,Kim Jang-kook (JK),Soo-Il and Yong-Ran were studying at school.After a while,JK suggest that they should take a break.They get some drinks and start to talk.After a while,they are kinda drunk,and are all talking non-sense things.After someone asks how many American girls JK slept with when he was in the U.S.A.Soo-Il asks if this is a big deal,and then,the others find out that Soo-il is virgin.Soo-il asks everyone if they already have sex,and everyone,including Hyun-a,says that they are not virgins anymore.As Tae-Yeon was training in the pool,JK says that Tae-Yeon is hot,and that is Soo-il chance to not being virgin anymore.Although Soo-il is relutanct,the others convince him.Soo-il,along with the others,come close to Tae-Yeon,that is taking a shower (with her swimsuit).Soo-ill knocks Tae-Yeon down,and try to take off her clothes,while the others are laughing.However,Tae-Yeon kicks Soo-il's stomatch,making he screams and stop trying to take off her clothes.Tae-Yeon get up and says that she will report the police,but Ji-Yoon says that Soo-ill's father works with the law,and that Tae-Yeon will get into trouble.After this,Ji-Yoon says to Tae-Yeon that they are sorry about it,and that she must leave that way and don't talk to anyone,and gives a towel to her.However,Tae-Yeon slaps Ji-Yoon,and go away.Ji-Yoon,angry,pushes Tae-Yeon,however,she hits her head in a metal tap,and dies,making everyone scared.They run away,and Tae-Yeon's boyfriend and also the teacher Eun-Soo's brother,appears,and see Tae-Yeon's body.He kneels in the side of Tae-Yeon,and a woman see it and think that she was the one that kills Tae-Yeon.

Hyun-a start to have strange visions,making she thinks that Tae-Yeon's ghost is haunting her.However,it is revealed that someone switch her medicine with poison/drug,making she have hallucinations.She have a hallucination that there are hundred of ants crawling in her body,and she start to scratch herself with a pen,to make the ants stop,while she screams.Ji-Yoon tries to stop her,but she scratchs Ji-Yoon's face too.After this,Hyun-a fell,and everyone notice that she dies of poisoning.


  • She is the only female to wear glasses in the movie.